As the month of August draws to a close; control panels roll out of the workshop, we continue to educate ourselves with the latest software applications and a new apprentice joins the Pelican team. It is exciting times for Pelican as we have expanded our base here in Grantham and are looking forward to recruit more apprentices over the rest of summer.

August has seen projects completed across the country, notably our extrusion control panel which has headed off to site and is awaiting commissioning. Our extrusion control panels, like all of our automated systems, mark the change over from a manually operated system to fully automated process. These panels have enabled our customer to increase the efficiency and generally get a better grasp of the requirements of their processes . The introduction of sensors across the process has provided previously unknown quantitative data ,which through close analysis, has resulted in higher quality extrusion and elimination of inherent uncertainty with manual control.

Further a field Pelican’s control panels have been commissioned in both Holland and Greece – adding to Pelican’s ever expanding global network. Despite many projects being inevitably finalised, Pelican can retain enthusiasm throughout September as Pelican’s latest job takes us to Ireland.

In recent months Pelican have continued to make the revolutionary transfer from predated motion controller software to Omron’s latest Sysmac Studio. Sysmac studio has completely reshaped the architecture of automation controllers, with the Intel Atom processor at its core. This collaboration between Omron and Intel will enable Pelican to have seamless motion control across and array of input/output connections through a single device. Despite a small amount of re-education, Pelican, whom are heavily experienced with motion control, are excited by the prospect of implementing this fantastically clever but subtly simple software in future projects.

Aside from Pelican’s ongoing projects, Pelican are proud to have gained another apprentice, Carl Baguley, whom will be undertaking an electrical engineering course at West Nottinghamshire College starting in September. Pelican are always proud to endorse apprenticeships and are currently looking to recruit another in partnership with Advanex Europe. The post would cover the following areas; schematic CAD drawings, Industrial IT, control panel build, programming and enrolment to a local technical college – which would leave the apprentice with a solid foundation in the engineering sector following completion of his/her apprenticeship.

In addition to new personnel, Pelican have literally expanded by taking over the neighbouring building. Of course this has left Pelican with space to expand, opportunities to grasp and a place for a new apprentice – which can only be good news going forward into September.