Non- linear loads such as inverter drives, switch mode power supplies, thyrister heating systems, and soft starts cause harmonic distortion of the electricity supply system. This distortion results in currents in the systems, which are of higher magnitude than expected and contain harmonic frequency components.
The amplitude of the resulting current is often under-estimated and can reach a level up to 140%, which tremendously loads the installed conductor. Furthermore, overcurrent protections which are typically rated close to the nominal current are prone to so-called nuisance tripping.
We can engineer a solution to comply to the new standard .The new standard EN 12105 is quite explicit regarding total harmonic distortion (THD) and partial weighted harmonic distortion (PWHD) and sets out specific values for permanent and short duration harmonic emissions for specific orders of harmonics (5th,7th,11th and 13th).

ECOsine ®, high performance not only at full load

  • Harmonics eliminated at their source
  • High performance at all load conditions
  • Equipment longevity and reliable production uptime

ECOsine® filters reduce harmonics and ensure that a clean sinusoidal current is drawn from the grid. Both true RMS and peak current are reduced in the process, thus lowering the burden on the electric installation.

Voltage and current without and with ecosine active


Example application

This particular application was a specifically designed and built solution for a customer, directly coupled to the distribution board of the offending harmonics. This utilised summation coupled CTs on the incomer supply and the correction output. Please contact us for a site evaluation review.

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