Inverter drives have allowed process and quality control throughout industrial applications. Pelican utilise inverter drives for accurate speed control of induction motors to ensure that energy management is never compromised.

Pelican have a vast amount of experience with inverter drives across a spectrum of manafacturers, notably ; Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Yaskawa. Pelican’s experience stretches from the very largest inverter drives (50-500kw) to the smallest ( >50kW).

Large Inverter Drives, VSD

Large AC Drives:
Pelican are frequently involved with large AC drives, regularly using Mitsubishi’s FR- A700 for demanding applications such as: cranes, extruders, centrifuges and winding machines.

Pelican’s experience with this inverter drive extends to positioning systems where control is realised via pulse train, digital inputs or network. Again Pelican recognises that safety is paramount and so the importance of the FR-A700 and FR-F700 to have control circuit power input (L11-L21) which is separate from the main power input (L1,L2,L3) is essential. This enables gate drive power to be removed by inserting safety relays as shown below.

Safety System diagram

However these safety relays are not required for high capability equipment, such as a magnetic contactor.

Inverter Drive