Linear Positioner System (Pulse train application)

The PCS-OLS-750 linear positioning unit is ideal for welding, gluing and cutting applications. It uses a high speed servo control which can be set to array of operational modes, such as:

  • Simple point to point positioning
  • Twin park station (with reverse start position )
  • Multi Start/ Stop programmed positions for stitch pattern
  • Point to point & reciprocating motion with trigger points (for spraying/ print fire applications)
Linear Positioner

Print/Spray Head Positioner System

Print Spray Head positioner

The PCS-PHPS-750 linear positioning unit is ideal for multi lane filler/packaging lines.It uses a high speed servo control which can be set to a variety of operational modes, such as:

  • Single park station -start/stop
  • Twin park station (with reverse print output)
  • Multi Start/ Stop programmed positions for stitch pattern
  • Point to point & reciprocating motion with trigger points (for spraying/ print fire applications)

Dedicated Machine rebuild

This four torch linear stitch welding machine which utilises a screen interface for:-

  • Weld position settings
  • Alarm information
  • Maintenance settings

Machine cycle: producing 16 off 10mm welds, load to unload in 22 seconds.

Pelican has a wealth of knowledge on special purpose machines, spanning from simple Rotary & Linear positioners to fully automated machines.

Pelican can be flexible with the location of the system build, whether it needs building at our warehouse or at a customer’s site.

Design & Software
Pelican offers a complete range of services; electrical / mechanical design, software for PLC’s, full front end SCADA packages, project management.

  • Real-time Process Monitoring.
  • Supervisory Control.
  • Fault Diagnostics & Alarm Management
  • Historical Data Trending.
  • Production Report Generation.
  • Planned Maintenance.
  • Production Control.
  • Real-time Data Monitoring.
  • Analysis
  • Visualization Functionality.

Design cost solutions
Pelican design special purpose systems for their customers and whilst functionality is never compromised, they aim to minimise the hardware costs for the customer wherever possible.


welding machine
Dedicated Machine Build

Control Panel Build

Control Panel

Electrical design/ consultancy

  • Schematic creation on AutoCad format
  • EMC directive documentation
  • Panel build to required standard VDE660/EN60204 Europe standard
  • Hard ware PLC component specification
  • Safety risk assessment / analysis for appropriate control circuit.
  • Special purpose built cabinet enclosure, which meet specification requirements i.e: Stainless.
  • Panel heat calculations
  • Commission of specific hardware, temperature control, inverter/flux vector drives, servo drives, process controllers, trip amplifiers, vision systems etc.
  • Software design and implementation for PLC, HMI, SCADA, Vision, Motion, RFID, Barcode readers.
  • Site installation
  • Installation test and commission

500 Meter wireless VOIP / Ethernet Connection

A gate monitoring system where the personel open the gate(which is 500m from the building’s entrance) using voice/visual recognition.

The system utilises a wireless ethernet 100Mbs connection with WPA2/802.111 encryption. A desk phone provides a control unit and voice connection to the gate.

Motion Control Applications and Software

Electrical and mechanical motion control is an area in which Pelican has particular experience and expertise. Our engineers are capable of taking your initial specification, selecting a suitable package(taking into account both system requirements and budget) and then providing an optimum mechanical drive/motor sizing service.

With over twenty years of experience, we are able to select from almost all of the major (and some of the smaller) motion control manufactures offerings, to produce a control system tailored to your requirements.

Typical applications

  • Vision to motion combined pick and place. (Circuit board manufacture and Label application)
  • Flying Shear. (Metals and Plastics industry.)
  • Flow wrapping. (Food packaging.)
  • Form Fill and Seal. (Confectionary and Snack Food.)
  • Print Head control. (Food packaging.)
  • CNC. (Metals and Plastic)
  • G: Robotics (Welding and Handling)