Machine and system safety are now an essential part of all new and existing control systems. In order to comply to the latest European standards, Pelican utilise SISTEMA software for detailed risk analysis.

Emergency Stop

Design of Safety Systems

Pelican utilise the SISTEMA calculation tool to provide detailed information on each part of the safety circuit design – identifying each level and ensuring the collective results comply with the EN ISO 13849 standard.

Pelican provide this assessment for every new/upgraded system to determine the necessary performance level. After detailed analysis Pelican utilise a range of safety products, from emergency stops to programmable safety systems (G9SP) to ensure our Control Systems are aligned with the latest safety regulations.

Performance level calculation chart

Pelican implement Omron’s finest industrial safety device, the G9SP .

Unlike standard safety relays the G9SP is fully configurable and connects directly to the PLC. The G9SP allows Pelican to receive data constantly from the system, so at such time an error occurs the appropriate safety actions can be implemented. Furthermore the G9SP has allowed Pelican to have fast diagnosis of where an error occurred within a system – saving both time for us and our customers.


The G9SB is a base level standalone system that offers control of safety equipment