Robotics has completely revolutionised the manufacturing industry  with automated robots replacing lines of factory workers. Pelican’s fifteen years of experience enables us to tackle a spectrum of robotics tasks from the pick and place machine, to the simple point to point re-positioning systems.

robotics pick and place machine

Pelican Control Systems specialise in robotic handling and assembly applications.

Our robotic systems can be designed as standalone systems or to be integrated with other machinery or as part of a production line. Our service can also include: design and build of bespoke tooling and integration with vision systems for product positioning or inspection.


Delta robots are designed for high speed low product weight applications owing to their low manipulation mass, the delta robot type is capable of up to 150 picks per minute.
Pelican have applied vision systems in conjunction with these robots to track the product’s coordinates and angle of rotation on a constantly flowing conveyor.

Pelican have used Delta robots for a variety of applications:

  • Packaging; i.e boxing / stacking / arranging products.
  • For use in the food industry, i.e production lines etc.
  • For use in pharmaceutical production
ABB 6-axis robot

6 Axis Cartesian Robot

Pelican have a wealth of experience using a 6 Axis Cartesian Robot. Pelican’s motion control has seen the robot perform a variety of tasks, such as:

  • sorting
  • ultrasonic cutting
  • pick and place
  • part inspection
  • welding
  • pallet stacking
  • bead dispensing

The robot has covered a variety of sectors, including; food, pharmaceutical, automotive and construction – which highlights its versatility.

The Adept Lynx is an Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) is available for custom applications and payloads, and able to transport up to 60kg with a runtime of over 19 hours/day.


Lynx®  High Accuracy Positioning System

Pelican can provide high accuracy positioning system (HAPS) robots for applications where well defined repeatability is required. The lynx mobile robot navigates using magnetic tape affixed to the floor and is able to smoothly transition onto the path defined by the tape. The HAPS equipped robot is able to depart the magnetic tape at any point.

Above, we see an example of tape configured to guide a lynx accurately into drop-off and pickup goals in front of a conveyor loading station. The magnetic tape can be placed on the floor in a variety of configurations including a curving path.

The Adept Lynx® is available for custom applications and payloads and is ideal for use in crowded environments, tight hallways, and applications where a compact automated vehicle is advantageous.

Adept Lynx Courier

The Adept Lynx® Courier combines a lynx autonomous vehicle with a container configured to securely transport goods and materials. The integrated safety systems ensure that it can easily move through congested work environments operating safely alongside people. The on-board intelligence of the vehicle eliminates the need for additional infrastructure such as tracks, reflectors and magnets.

The Adept Lynx robot can be configured for thousands of applications.

Example Product Applications:

  • Transport of medications, lab specimens, records in hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • movement of high value components in a manufacturing enviroment
  • transport of finished goods in a warehouse
  • sending delicate or sensitive components throughout a facility
  • urgent delivery of time-sensitive goods


  • random-in, random-out (riro) picks up and delivers from anywhere to anywhere maximising flexibility
  • quick setup time by using onboard sensors to generate a map of the facility; no need to install lines, magnets, or beacons
  • navigation of long or difficult paths that would be complex or expensive with traditional agvs
  • ability to follow the shortest path during a linear process while handling exceptions when necessary
  • configurable behaviors to appropriately match responses during tasks, for instance, robots can drive slower while handling a payload or have different tolerances for material handling
  • obstacle avoidance with laser guidance to ensure smooth operations in a crowded environment
  • designed to work closely with people by navigating around people and communicating with them as appropriate using adept motivity
  • improved utilization of equipment by predictably moving goods and supplies where required, on-time, every-time
  • maximized assets with re-deployable, interchangeable, and flexible mobile conveyance
  • reduction in associated overhead by requiring less space than linear conveyors
  • minimized infrastructure costs and reduced disruption with quick installation and minimal retrofitting


Pelican use innovative 7-axis robots to dramatically increase freedom of movement. The 7th axis acts as an elbow, providing additional flexibility. They are ideally suited to high-density work cells where multiple robots will be working in close proximity. They are also able to access parts in tight spots.

Application Examples:

  • Machine tending
  • Handling in narrow spaces
  • Assembly of parts
Omron SCARA package


The wide reach (120mm to 1200mm) and payload range (1kg to 50kg) allows for precise adjustment of the robot to your application. Special versions, such as a clean-room and dust/drip-proof types enable installation in critical environments for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Bespoke Robotics

Pelican are capable of developing multi axes servo control for our customers’ specialist machines. Our experience with linear and rotational applications has seen us tackle bespoke robotics, such as:

  • Gantry Part Loader (Aerospace)
  • Bowl Feed (Dental Care Product)
  • Spring Winding Feed And Manipulation
robotics pick and place machine

Pick & Place

More so than ever before, processes are required to be accurate, flexible and cost effective. The combination of robotics and vision has proven to provide these benefits with Pick & Place robots.

 Machine Build and Refurbishment

Whether new build or refurbishment, Pelican’s wealth of experience in; control systems, operator interfaces, motion and position control, servo systems, inverter drives and sensing technologies, allows us to provide and all round service.

Machine Build
Inspection System

Quality Inspection Systems

Through 100% in-line inspection, a manufacturer can dramatically reduce waste and cost by rejecting faulty items as soon as possible. Vision systems can now be integrated with database software to log necessary information.
Pelican can advise the most suitable vision system for an inspection system and then assist in developing the project and any integration issues that are required.

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