Yaskawa GA700

The GA700 drive precisely controls induction motors, permanent magnet motors and synchronous reluctance motors providing versatility to run a variety of applications with just one drive. It also supports all the major industrial communications and connection topologies to adapt to various factory automation networks.

The GA700 drive ranges from as small as 0.55kW all the way up to 355kW so is well suited for a wide range of applications.

Yaskawa GA700

Effortless Network Integration

  • Supports all major networks with a new cost effective network integration feature
  • Maintain network communications even during loss of main input power

One for All

  • Precise and tuning-less motor control with one drive controlling any induction, permanent magnet or synchronous reluctance motor

Quick & Easy Set-up

  • Reduce set-up time with an intuitive keypad, navigation and start-up wizards

Powerful Configuration Tools

  • DriveWizard® and DriveWorksEZ® are PC tools for drive management and logic programming
  • DriveWizard for drive management, start-up and failure analysis
  • DriveWorksEZ for extending functionality by logic programming

Convenient Set-up and Monitoring

  • Safe programming without main power connected
  • Cloud-connected DriveWizard Mobile app for drive management on smartphones and tablets.

Integrated Functional Safety

  • Increased safety and reliability with STO SIL3 functional safety

Meets Global Standards

  • Local/global standards
  • RoHS compliant

Flexible Package Design

  • Designed with flexibility to simplify installation and cabinet design

You can download the technical specification from the link below.