Yaskawa GA500

The GA500 is the latest drive in Yaskawa’s range, it is designed to master nearly any application, it is also the most compact and flexible drive in terms of motor type and connectivity.

The GA500 drive ranges from as small as 0.1kW all the way up to 30kW, it is a perfect replacement for the older V1000 drive as it has the same footprint with improved functionality.

Yaskawa GA500

Simplify System Integration

GA500 drives are designed to be easily integrated into systems and machinery. Combining network support, application focused features and great customizability with unparalleled ease of use, the GA500 minimizes efforts to get your automation jobs done.

Fast Installation and Setup

GA500 drives embed various features eliminating the need for peripherals. This in line with easy wiring plus smart functions for doing a basic setup literally in 5 minutes greatly reduce the time and cost required to having a running system.

Best Machine Performance

By integrating latest motor control technology for induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors, the GA500 drives provide best control performance at minimized energy consumption.

Operation Secured

GA500 drives are reliable and robust, designed with coated PCBs allowing operation in 50 °C without derating while machine monitoring functions and an integrated life time prediction prevent sudden failures. Thus GA500 effectively secures operation and prevents production loss.

Downloads are available from the links below.